Some time ago I helped complete the album artwork for the Esme record titled “Don’t Wake Up”. Together with Jesse Walker and Sean Cooley we concepted the artwork and I pretty much made the art happen using the help of Tom Schmuck, Zack Tarrant and Casey. We had a blast at the beach shooting these photos with a bed. I also shot my friend Debra for the girl who happens to be floating. This was a blast to work on and I look forward to working on more album layouts with the rest of the guys. Celebration.

You can find some behind the scenes photos in my blog.

I want to personally thank Tom for taking time out of his day to let us set up the photo in his lovely apartment and thank everyone who helped make this layout a reality! Bear in mind this all began with a doodle on a to-go container which I emailed their guitarist from my phone, and into after a fairly long phone conversation, talked the band into the art!

The sketched image was drawn at Angel’s BBQ in Savannah GA.